Sex Drive's Sean Anders And John Morris Set For Dead Mom Comedy

Hard to believe that a Kirk Cameron ichthys affair and Disaster Movie will ultimately out gross Sex Drive. After this weekend's $3 million take, the /Film championed comedy is destined to join the "funny is funny" cult ranks of PCU and Grandma's Boy. In a smart move, Summit Entertainment, soon to be fat off Twilight, isn't letting writer/director Sean Anders and co-writer John Morris get away. They've signed the duo for an untitled second film, and the premise dances upon a rainbow...

The untitled project concerns a slacker college student who has a child with a one-night stand and is then forced to care for the baby after the mother is killed in a car crash.

In continuing with their previous flick's auto-related title/pun, might we distastefully suggest Whiplash? The Hollywood Reporter implies that the duo will switch directing duties, with Anders said to be helming...except that Anders directed Sex Drive, so maybe they mean Morris? We'll try to clear this up. Update: Anders is once the director and co-writer.

I thought it worth randomly mentioning that Nikki Finke's industry sources have referred to the $25 million Sex Drive as "a huge disaster," and—clearly not having seen the film—she adds, "Forget [the film] because everyone else has (and should have)." Why the heavy scorn? The lady likes to bet (and probably needs a good laff), so how about this: I'll personally pay for her ticket and Red Vines, and if she doesn't LOL once, I'll also offer to show up at her apartment in my bathrobe and give her a back massage. Unlike Harvey Weinstein's $1 millie offer, I'll make good.

Discuss: So who's already offended by the premise for Anders's and Morris's follow-up?