Watch 4 Minutes Of The Opening Of Bolt

Disney has released a new clip from the new computer animated movie Bolt. The almost 4 minute clip is from the film's opening sequence.

In the movie, Bolt is a dog who is the star of an action television series which is part Lassie, part Mission: Impossible, but with the high octane direction of someone like Michael Bay. But Bolt doesn't know he's a television star, and instead thinks he is a dog infused with super abilities (the plot of the tv show). To get a real performance out of the dog, they stage the stunts and sequences with hidden cameras so that Bolt believes they're real. This chase sequence shows you what Bolt's television show is like. I've seen this clip four times at various different press events (this sometimes happens), but I can assure you that it's 100 times cooler when experienced in Disney Digital 3D.

[flv: 470 250]

Watch the clip in High Definition on Bolt hits theaters on November 21st 2008.