LOL: Roger Ebert Sees 8 Minutes Of Movie; Reviews The Whole Film

A lot more people know Roger Ebert than probably have ever read one of his reviews. So it might come as a shock to most how extremely funny Ebert can be (take his book "Your Movie Sucks" for instance). A few weeks ago we focused on one of Ebert's Movie Answer Man column's where he responded in computer abbreviation speak to a fan of Disaster movie.

This week Ebert reviewed Tru Loved, a movie in which he only sat through the first eight minutes. It received one star. The funny part of the whole thing is that Ebert wrote a full review criticizing the film, and doesn't reveal the fact until the very end. I think Film Threat called it the first review to have a plot twist at the end, and I would tend to agree. Ebert even blogs about the conversations he had with his editor about if it was the right thing to do. I haven't seen Tru Love, and probably won't. I think I trust Ebert's opinion too much at times, even when its based only on 8 minutes.