57 Movies In 123 Hours

Last month we told you about the Netflix World Movie Watching Championships. The event began on October 2nd at 10:30am, and lasted until a new Guinness World Record, for most consecutive hours spent watching movies, was set five days later on October 7th.

Movie lovers Suresh Joachim and Claudia Wavra emerged as the winners of the Netflix Popcorn Bowl event after 123 hours and 10 minutes of continuous movie watching. Joachim is a Canadian of Sri Lankan descent, who holds 32 Guinness World Records. Mr. Joachim is an endurance champion whose records include television viewing (69 hours, 48 minutes), dancing (100 hours), radio dj-ing (120 hours), and ironing (55 hours, 5 minutes), among other disciplines. Wavra is a former three-time movie marathon record holder who lost the title to Ashish Sharma in June. The other competitors included:

  • Ashish Sharma, the last world record holder.
  • Cheryl Jones of Portland, Ore. who was a part of the team of Netflix members who broke the Guinness World Record for continuous movie watching in 2003.
  • Dallas movie buff Jeff Jones who won $250,000 on the movie edition of the popular game show series "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" in 2007.
  • The event was held in a plexi-glass living room in the center New York City's Times Square. The participants began the event with Iron Man, and concluded with Thelma & Louise, which was dropped off by actress Susan Sarandon. In total, they watched 57 films which included Caddyshack, The Bourne Identity and Kill Bill.

    According to the contest's rules, "each movie had to be viewed until the last credit rolled. The participants were closely monitored by judges and medical professionals who checked their vital signs on a regular basis to ensure they could safely endure the challenge. Under Guinness World Record rules, competitors could not divert their eyes from the screen, but were allowed 10-minute breaks between movies."