Tom Rothman Talks James Cameron's Avatar. And Avatar 2?

One can only imagine what it feels like to be among the few to experience footage from James Cameron's Avatar. Moreover, how would one convey the privy mind explosion to the 99.9% of Joe Six-Packs out there? IESB spoke with 20th Century Fox co-chairman, Tom Rothman, about the 2009 film (we need a new word) and he summed it up as "the coolest s*** I've ever seen." That's one way. He also clarified that Avatar is not the most expensive movie ever produced by the studio, and discussed its franchise potential...

So, potentially, this is a franchise?

Tom Rothman: If it does well, yes, absolutely, in terms of an arena a whole new world. But for us, it isn't any of that, it isn't even the technology, it isn't even the look and the world all of which is the coolest s*** I've ever seen, it isn't even any of that, it's that it's a great story. It's just a great story. You read the story and you are gripped by every page, it's just a great, original story with tremendously, classic emotional value."

Hold on. Does Rothman's comment mean we now have to contemplate Avatar 2? These remarks can be interpreted to mean a "franchise" in terms of unrelated films utilizing the groundbreaking technology, but Rothman added that Cameron makes hits and he expects this to be "the beginning." Please exit my brain, "constantly expanding universe," I have to make room for a (im)possible sequel to 3D cinemageddon.