Leaked: Weinstein And Tarantino Regroup After De Niro Flip-Out

An eleven year old phone conversation between Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino has leaked out to the press. Apparently Robert De Niro believed he should be getting more money for starring in Tarantino's Jackie Brown. In the phone call, Weinstein warns Tarantino that Robert De Niro might give him a late midnight phone call. Tarantino responds: "Tell Bob not to call me yelling and screaming because I don't know if I'm going to be nice [if] the guy calls up yelling and screaming at me like a maniac, calling me a [beep]er!"

Weinstein explains "He thinks he's going to make John Travolta look like that was an amateur night in Dixie." Also coming to the actor's defence: "This is a great actor and actually a great guy, who's going through a difficult time. I think he's really having like a scratching-his-head session, you know, with his own life and his own career.

I'm not sure what this whole phone call is supposed to prove. What? That De Niro got angry when he didn't get offered the money that he believed he deserved? Regardless, it is fascinating to listen in on a conversation between an A-list director and a top Hollywood mogul, where you hear things like "are you prepared to go up a million on that?"