ET Visits The Set Of Transformers 2

If you wanted to gouge your eyes out while watching Mary Hart talk over a movie trailer premiere on Entertainment Tonight, then you're going to try to kill yourself trying to sit through Entertainment Tonight's visit to the set of Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen. ET uncovers the "secrets" behind the script, like how the lead actors have been working out for their roles, and how Shia and Megan haven't hooked up outside of the set. Oh, and there is a few shots of F16s flying overhead a desert village, which was blown up (you will see this replayed at least 10 times). And the highlight is an exciting last minute change by Michael Bay, to swap out the camera lens. Wow. The most interesting thing to be gained from the footage is what isn't said on screen: Sam and Mikaela will be joining the US military for a desert mission.