LOL: Batman Returns Penguin Commando Tattoo

The great Great White Snark recently posted a penguin commando Batman Returns tattoo submitted by a reader. Fanboyism aside, what type of person would offer lifetime support to The Penguin's PETA-wincing terrorism? Don't be a narc: there's a pretty amazing story behind the ink. Erm, we just hope it's not a real life origins tale...

"I got it because I have a malformation in my hip joints that causes my legs, and thus my feet, to face diagonally outward making my walk more of a waddle at times. My name is Ben so in middle school I was nicknamed "Benguin" which I was quite fond of.Add that to my love of Batman, penguins, and explosives, and the tattoo was really just inevitable."

Inevitable Flashback Discuss: What did you think of the penguin commandos in Batman Returns?