Shia LaBeouf's Next Film To Be Dark Fields For Director Neil Burger

Director Neil Burger (The Illusionist) has confirmed to Coming Soon that he'll begin shooting Dark Fields in NYC with Shia LaBeouf this winter, making it the next film for the actor after Transformers 2. The project sounds pretty cool and seems to be flying under the radar, so if you're curious, let us point you to our report from April, in which we referred to it as Adderall: The Movie.

Based on Alan Glynn's 2002 thriller of the same name, LaBeouf will play a young man who ascends the ranks of the Big Apple social elite thanks to a "smart pill," one that has addictive side effects and dangerous consequences. There's also an epic Big Pharma conspiracy in the book. Leslie Dixon (Loverboy, The Birds remake) adapted the script. Hat tip to Best Week Ever for milking this photo of LaBeouf all week long, one that's particularly fitting for this post given Dark Fields' subject matter. And is it just us, or did Shia backlash go full-tilt this week?