LOL: The Slimey EPIC FAIL Cabinet For Oliver Stone's W.

With potential for yet another mind-shattering Republican satire hanging in the balance, Vanity Fair has published the first look at the entire 2003 cabinet in Oliver Stone's W. There's a good overall likeness, sure, but I dig the quirky soap opera-esque caricature Stone seems to be shooting for. What better way to portray the walking jokes and greedy, delusional scumbugs that raped my early 20s?

(L to R) Jeffrey Wright is General Colin Powell, Toby Jones is Karl Rove (even more imp-like), Dennis Boutsikaris is Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Dreyfuss is Dick Cheney (my second fave douche-likeness), Josh Brolin is George W. Bush

(L to R) Thandie Newton is Condoleezza Rice (nice Gremlin eyes), Rob Corddry is Ari Fleischer (my fave), Bruce McGill is George Tenet (smug, much), Scott Glenn is Donald Rumsfeld (theory: doesn't deserve any likeness)

And here's a new image we never got around to posting. Pee-wee's Big Adventure x Sling Blade? Economy permitting, Oliver Stone's W. opens this October.

via The Playlist / JoBlo