Clark Duke To Kick Ass In Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass!

With buzz climbing for his performance in the October comedy, Sex Drive, actor Clark Duke has landed a role in Matthew Vaughn's violent comic book flick Kick-Ass. Ever since we laughed our asses off at Duke being repeatedly mistaken for a girl on the web series, Clark and Michael, we've hoped to see him stake a claim in cool features, so this is great news. And yeah, based on the trailers, Sex Drive looks friggin' meh, but supposedly it delivers. Duke will play Marty, a good friend to the film's titular character, a teenage would-be superhero, and Marty's described on the movie's official character list via Moviehole as...

About 17, a chubby Caucasian high school student who loves comic books. He is Dave's funny best friend. Together with Dave and Todd, he loves to go to comic book stores, and checks out the latest issues, while talking about school, girls, the futility of teenaged life, and the exciting adventures of Myspace insta-celebrity Kickass. He never suspects that Kickass is in fact Dave Lizewski — and neither would you if you knew Dave.

Perfect. For our recent casting report on Vaughn's $70 million indie film. click here. Duke had a bit part in Superbad, so this will be his second film co-starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin, who plays the teen antagonist Red Mist. The comics' creator, Mark Millar, has gone on the record as saying something like "I bet you all my balls that Kick-Ass will be the best movie of 2009." And even though Millar talks more shit than Reggie Miller and even though Nic Cage bums us out, this movie should definitely live up to its title. And yeah, expect more headlines like the one above. Clark Duke, invest.