Iron Man 2 In 3D? Favreau Wants To Shoot Scenes In IMAX!

Like many of you, when I first saw The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen, I knew then that Hollywood had no choice but to follow Nolan's lead, at least on some of the big tentpole films. How could they not? The footage was just that incredible. Our friends at Collider were at an Iron Man DVD press conference today when director Jon Favreau announced that he would love to shoot part of Iron Man 2 with IMAX cameras. Not only that but the director also said he would love to shoot the sequel in 3D. Will it happen? It will all come down to costs.

Seeing Iron Man flying around the screen in 3D could be very cool, but also limiting. Filming in 3D means that you have to do shorter cuts so that the audience won't suffer from eye fatigue. However, I think Marvel would be stupid not to shoot some sequences in IMAX. The result for The Dark Knight is undeniable. Many fans went to the theaters twice just to see it again on the huge screen. An extra $60 million from the IMAX box office is certainly enough to at least consider the idea.

Discuss: Do you think they should shoot Iron Man 2 sequences using IMAX cameras? What about 3D?