Do You Believe That Shatner Isn't In Star Trek?

In the new issue of Star Trek Magazine, both William Shatner and director JJ Abrams once again insist that the Shat has no part in the upcoming Star Trek reboot. Here is a quote from Shatner, courtesy of Trekmovie: "I have no connection with the film whatsoever. It's the strangest thing. Even my dear friend Leonard [Nimoy] won't tell me what it's about." Abrams claims that "the only cast member from the original films is Nimoy."

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I just don't believe it. Yes, there are is that almost insurmountable story logic problem which would prevent Shatner from reprising the role as an older Captain Kirk, but I refuse to believe that he won't be a part of the film in someway. Abrams seems like a very smart guy, and I don't see how he could totally sidestep this opportunity. I could be completely wrong, and probably am, but I expect Shatner to appear on screen during Abrams' film some how – possibly in a prop photo displayed on a monitor or something.

Discuss: Will Shatner Appear in Star Trek? Should Abrams try to find a way to squeeze him into the film?