VOTD: Bill Hader's The Line, With Paul Scheer As "The Spoiler"

The Line is a new online skit-series following the painful trials of two geeks, played by Joe Lo Truglio (The State) and Bill Hader (SNL), as they camp out awaiting the release of a fictional sci-fi blockbuster sequel. These morsels of comedy were practically tailor made for Slashfilm.

In this installment, Paul Scheer from MTV's Human Giant (and tonight's /Filmcast!) plays "The Spoiler," an a**hole who preys on sweaty ticket-holders and threatens to blow the movie. No doubt aware of his formidable (and familiar) power over Geekdom, The Spoiler lovingly channels his excess excitement into a Big Gulp from 7-11. We'll stop there. For more episodes of Crackle.com's The Line, we recommend clicking here.

Discuss: Have you ever dealt with a walking Spoiler while waiting in line for a movie?