Warner Bros Still Unsure About Superman Sequel

Variety's Anne Thompson posted another update on the status of the next Superman film. Basically, no one knows. Warner Bros wants to make another movie, but weren't happy with the last film. Bryan Singer is still technically attached, and has promised to go "Wrath of Khan" with the sequel, but I don't think Warner wants a sequel. And a unnamed executive admitted that "it might be better to start from scratch." It seems to me that we're looking at the equivalent of a game of chicken, with neither the studio or Singer willing to move out of the way. The interesting sentence in Thompson's update is this one: "Today I was told that it is a priority at the studio to find the right direction and if Bryan Singer is willing to do that, fine, but if he gets in the way, he may not stay on the project."

Some have told me that Singer's deal is that if he wasn't brought back for the sequel, he would be paid for the work he would have done. I'm not sure if that is the case or not, and even if so, I'm not sure why Warner Bros is hesitating. Comic Book movies are hot right now, and they need to strike before the inevitable downward turn hits. I was one of the few who liked Singer's Superman Returns despite the flaws. However, It seems clear to me that people don't want a sequel to Superman Returns, but they do want a Superman movie. It seems to me like the best thing to do is to hire a new director, and let Singer save face by bringing him on board as a producer. The new director can't be George Miller, but someone young who will have a new take on the classic superhero. Hire Jonathan Nolan to write a script. Try to recapture the magic of The Dark Knight. After all, what would Superman look like in the Nolanverse?