Late Fragment's Movie Trailer And Interactive Cinema

We're in the midst of an industry preamble for a 3D revolution flush with cash, but there are countless doubters. Ebert's hating, and while I liked Beowulf and eagerly anticipate Avatar, it's easy to see 3D becoming the Reebok Pump of cinema (again?). Personally, I'm prone to believing the future holds a more participatory creative role for the viewer, one that would leave room for a 3D visceral experience if needed. With the popularity of Final Cut Pro, GTA IV, web video, Comic Con and movie sites which connect fans directly to the talent and vice versa, this seems like the more natural, obvious progression when compared to convertible 3D wayfarers being sold at Urban Outfitters and Wal-Mart in 2015.

Late Fragment touts itself as North America's first interactive feature. It's an independent Canadian production that allows DVD viewer(s) to choose via remote control how the lives of three strangers are impacted by violence and "restorative justice." Our tipster says it, "It's like Little Children or Crash by way of 'Choose your adventure,' or Wii," as demonstrated in the above trailer. Of course, "Choose your own adventure" carries a rudimentary (and tedious/boring) connotation. Here's the way Late Fragment's filmmakers prefer to describe the interactive experience on the film's website...

"...the coming to life of post-modern preoccupations with multiplicity, diversity, open-endedness, spatial conceptions of self, and story puzzles explicitly expressed through interactive technology."

I'm not too won over by the proto-indie seeming storylines or footage online, but the concept and the complexity (see the storyboard wall below) is the catch. From writer/directors Daryl Cloran, Anita Doron and Mathieu Guez, the flick premiered at last year's Toronto Film Festival, is still being show and demonstrated on the festival circuit, and is now available on DVD.

Discuss: Let us know if you've seen this film in the comments, and if not, what's your impression of the trailer? Is "interactive cinema" the future, or is it 3D? Are there any other films similar to Late Fragment?

Thanks to Caytelyn for the tip.