Paul Rudd Says Anchorman 2 Might Be Space

Or the '80s. Music Television chatted with Paul Rudd—you get a free Rudd if you make a movie—about the possibilities for Adam McKay's Anchorman 2. Yeah, it's probably happening. It seems the filmmakers have considered strapping the 2004 film's mustachioed love of the absurd to a rocket...

"Last I heard they were starting to write it and they were thinking about setting it in the eighties," Rudd said. "[But] I know when we were shooting it [director] Adam [McKay] said if they ever did something it would have to be really weird like we were on the moon or something. I think it has to go even further if it was to work."

Rudd added that Will Ferrell might be interested in an intergalactic newscast as well, or maybe the entire space idea was an inside joke. I asked my laptop for the truth but it was too busy downloading the entire Gogol Bordello discography against my wishes. Would you rather see Ron Burgundy take on boom mics in the Me Decade or ride the Mars Rover after a few too many color 'tinis? Slashfilm's answer? The '80s are a tad played out. Outer Space is the place and it's okay if the Chewbacca masks are priiitty shitty.