Mall Cop Teaser Trailer

/Film reader Landon V sent over this teaser trailer for Kevin James' new comedy Mall Cop. Judging by this viral teaser trailer, it looks like this movie is going to be pretty bad (not that we ever have high hopes for a Kevin James comedy).

[flv: 400 230]

The video begins as a person with a video camera is following a skateboarder as he destroys public property (really, how lame and generic can you get?)and of course, Kevin James – the Mall Cop shows up to put a stop to this mess. The film tells the story of a mall security guard (played by Kevin James) who becomes an unlikely hero when his mall is taken hostage by a group of thieves. Ugly Betty star Jayma Mays plays James' love interest. And just like in real life, Jayma Mays falls in love with a fat mall cop on a super powered Segway.