Eli Roth In Inglorious Bastards

You'll never guess who Quentin Tarantino has lined up to star in his epic World War II film Inglorious Bastards...

Horror director Eli Roth

Roth will play the role of Sgt. Donnie Donowitz., a baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter. Most of you probably remember that Roth also had a small part in Tarantino's last film Death Proof. And by most of you, I mean the 4 million people that saw Grindhouse.

You can hate Roth's movies all you want, but you have to give this guy credit as a personality. Roth can talk and out story-tell the best of them. I've seen him in person many times, and he has a command of almost any audience. There is no denying that he has a charismatic film geek charm. If Tarantino can exploit this, instead of having Roth spout off the normal over-wordy dialogue, it could end up being the surprise performance of the film. On the other hand, Hunter wanted me to mention that it is "the worst decision ever." And honestly, he might very well be right. It could go easily go either way.

Tarantino is expected to announce the full cast shorty. As has already been reported, Brad Pitt is is talks to play the leader of the rogue Jewish-American soldier group. Plans to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as SS Col. Hans Landa have been scrapped in favor of casting a German actor.

Discuss: I'm sure many of you disagree with my opinion of Roth's potential, so lets hear it – who would ahve been a better choice for the role?