Jason Statham Wants To Be Daredevil, Frank Miller Approves

Death Race and Crank star Jason Statham wants to be in a big screen reboot of the popular Marvel character Daredevil. But Statham doesn't want to play the baddie Bullseye, he wants to take over as the blind man behind the red mask – Daredevil, who was played by Ben Affleck in Mark Steven Johnson's 2003 film. Frank Miller, who is credited for adding new depths to the comic book series in the 1970's, has also given his approval: "I think he should be Daredevil too," Miller told the LATimes.

So now that Marvel has their own production company, how about the Daredevil movie that should have happened? Hire Statham and a good director who will take the material seriously. But honestly, I'd much rather see the comic book series as primetime television series (possibly on HBO/showtime). I think Matt Murdock's court cases would work great as a small screen aside to the red devil's fight with the mob.