Alex Winter To Write Howard Stern's Rock 'N' Roll High School Remake

Howard Stern has hired Alex Winter, best known as Bill from Bill & Ted, to pen a remake of the 1979 cult film Rock 'n' Roll High School. The original Roger Corman-produced musical comedy told the story of a group of rebellious students take over a high school with the help of The Ramones. Winter has recently transitioned into a filmmaker, but it is unclear if he will helm the project, if greenlit. Winter made his feature directorial debut with the 1993 cult classic Freaked. Most recently, Winter directed the Ben 10: Race Against Time television movie.

The project is part of a set of remakes which Stern acquired in 2002, the other being a remake of the teen comedy Porky's. Stern had said that he was leaning more towards using an established rock group for the upcoming remake, rather than inventing or choosing an unknown band for the film. I think this project will hinge on the musical talent, as the music was such a huge part of the original film. It might also be hard to incorporate a real rock band without it coming off as super cheesy.

source: Variety