Comic Con: Woah, The Wolfman Actually Looks Kinda Cool

An exclusive Wolfman trailer premiered at Comic Con. The footage began with the Universal Logo. Cut to a guy walking through the woods. He comes across something, scared, he drops his lantern and runs away. Voice over states "25 years ago my father found him".

"He was tore to pieces and half eaten. Whatever did it was big, had claws" Village people see something and run away. We see a bottom shot of the Wolfman transforming in the dark woods, just a little back light. People are chasing after him with guns. "and we couldn't kill it." Shots of someone casting silver bullets. "He only came out during a full moon from then on."

Lawrence Talbot, played by Benicio Del Toro returns home to his father Sir John, played by Anthony Hopkins. "Hello father..." A lot of quick cuts. Title credits showing Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving's characters. Blunt runs away from a house on fire. Someone gets pulled into a pit by the wolf man and is torn apart, blood spraying everywhere. Del Toro finds himself in ripped and bloodied clothes. Hopkins says to him, "You've done terrible things... Be strong." Another bunch of quick cuts, the Wolfman throws someone through a window. A bunch of footage of The Wolfman running around. "I am what they say I am, I'm a monster." And the trailer ended with Weaving declaring "God Help Us!

Coming from the mindset of little to no interest, I was instantly absorbed into the footage. Rick Baker's Wolfman looked incredibly cool, and the period gothic setting elevated the scenes shown above the level of your average slasher/horror film. It also didn't seem to be toned down, and was both violent and gruesome. I also loved the cinematography of the backlit night shots.