Wolverine Surprises Fans At Comic Con: Trailer Features Gambit, Deadpool, Blob, And More

In an entirely unprecedented move, Hugh Jackman burst onto the scene at Comic Con after having flown straight from Australia, with filming on Wolverine literally finishing up just this past week. He announced that he just had to reveal to the real fans (without whom he claims he "wouldn't have a career") what the movie would be like, offering up the first ever seen trailer/footage.

Naturally, this caused an onslaught of applause from audience members.

The trailer kicks off with Wolverine and Sabertooth in a prison cell. They get taken outside, strapped to posts, and shot to hell by a firing squad. "What did that feel like?" a man asks. Wolverine responds: "It tickled."

Cut to a shot of Wolverine strutting cheesily to the camera as a truck explodes behind him. Marvel logo fades onscreen.

Then Major William Stryker announces himself to both Sabertooth and Wolverine, discussing the prospect of putting a special team together. Interspersed between this are shots of them running through the woods with full-fledged animal ferocity, being surrounded by a group of soldiers in a circle while amping up to kick some ass, and then the clincher, a shot of Deadpool posing for the camera with his two samurai swords.

Wolverine tells Sabertooth that this wasn't the program he signed up for. We see him being hooked into place inside the adamantium-injecting machine and thrashing about in the water. He bursts out of it in a blaze of anger and roars at the camera, his claws bursting out of his hands while he does it. Bodies drop as Wolverine slashes in every direction.

A handful of cards are tossed toward the screen, and the camera pans to reveal none other than Gambit holding his electrically-enhanced staff.

More quick shots: a child Wolverine (?) screams with his claws burst out of his hands, Sabertooth lunges across the ground like an animal and attacks Wolverine in what looks like a small snippet of a much larger battle, Wolverine gets clobbered in a boxing ring by the massive Blob, Wolverine goes one-on-one with Gambit, and a mysterious girl begins to have electricity sparkle all throughout her body.

Before you can even begin to recognize all the quick shots of your favorite comic book characters, a final set of clips shows off a very cool-looking set piece with Wolverine facing off on his motorcycle against a truck, and eventually climaxes with him launching thirty feet in the air onto a helicopter.

The title shoots on screen: X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Finishing off the footage, Wolverine looks at Saberooth and quips, "I'm gonna cut your goddamn head off; see if that works."

Out of the clips shown, there appears to be a lot going for and against this movie. Towards the beginning of the footage, the cheese factor was through the roof, feeling more on par with Ratner's X-Men than Singer's. Later on though, the mere presence of characters like Gambit and Deadpool immediately picked up the excitement factor several notches. What we got to see from the action sequences only furthered this excitement, confirming that even if the film doesn't offer much in terms of emotional/dramatic tension or strong storytelling, it will at least amount to a whole lot of action-packed fun.