Audiences Of The Future Will Own "Movie Glasses"

During my visit to Dreamworks Animation Studios earlier today, the company's CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg explained to our small group that moviegoers of the future will own their own personal 3D glasses, which he referred to as "movie glasses".

"People today know if they go out in the sun they need sunglasses, like in tennis you need a tennis racquet. You're gonna go to the beach, you're gonna need a bathing suit. If you're going to the movies, you'll have movie glasses," Katzenberg said. "We've been collaborating with the largest eye glass company in the world about an eye glass that they will hopefully have by next year, which is a transitional lens... Now you have a glass that will actually transition for you indoor to outdoor. Now this would transition from sunglasses to movie glasses. So your movie glasses will be your sunglasses."

Now I must admit, at first I thought he had to be kidding. It almost sounded like Doc Brown talking about his latest harebrained invention. But the more I thought about the idea, the more I began to understand Katzenberg's perspective.

Imagine for a minute that Katzenberg's 3D dream will become a reality... That the future movie going experience is going to be in 3D. Imagine that a huge chunk of studio movies will produce and project their films in 3D. YDo you think that moviegoers of that potential future would see a benefit of owning a pair of sunglasses that could transition into "movie glasses".  I'm interested to hear what you think?