Will Ferrell To Star In Two Face

You want a token joke in this post about The Dark Knight? We don't joke about TDK here at Slashfilm. Will Ferrell is in talks to star in Two Face (also called 2-Face), a split-personality dramedy in which he'll play one-part boisterous liberal and one-part racist. We imagine Ferrell sitting in a puffy chair enjoying a small cup of Chai tea, a craft of sweet tea and watching CNN and Fox News simultaneously. A riot!

No director is attached, but the script was written by Vince Gilligan, who scribed Hancock but also created and writes the AMC series Breaking Bad, currently one of the radder shows on TV. Ferrell's interest in the script goes back sometime, and we're expecting a nice bookend to Stranger Than Fiction rather than his 50th lesson in wrestling bears/John C. Reilly and belching. Ferrell recently signed to star as Watson in Sherlock Holmes for producer Judd "Attila of Comedy" Apatow, opposite the Borat guy.

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