Transformers 2: $300 Million Budget? New Corvette Autobot?

Megan Fox revealed to IGN that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has "twice the budget" of the first film. Not that anything Fox says should be taken literally, but lets pretend for a second that she's relaying accurate information and not just spouting off invented exaggerations. The first film was made for about $151 million. So by Fox's calculations, when all is said and done, Revenge of the Fallen will cost around $300 million. Imagine how much more big robot action that kind of cash can produce. The answer is double that of the first film.

In other Transformers 2 news, a new set photo from jalopnik reveals a mystery Corvette concept car. The car is surrounded by Autobots, which leads us to believe this new car is also a good guy in alternative mode.