Transformers 2: More Sci-Fi Than The First Film

ransformers: Revenge of the Fallen Co-writer Roberto Orci tells Sci-Fi that the new film has "a little more of a sci-fi element."

"The bad guys are little more coherent in terms of what their plan is and what they're attempting to do," Orci said. "So it feels like more of a sci-fi battle."

Meanwhile, actress Megan Fox tells Fox that Bay told her to gain ten pounds for her role, after dropping the weight for the Diablo Cody scripted horror film Jennifer's Body.

Team XBox is reporting that Activision have formally announced development of a Transformers Movie 2 tie-in game, developed by Luxoflux (True Crime: Streets of LA, Vigilante 8).Disclaimer: A Entertainment Weekly publicist now admits the original quote was taken out of context, so we removed it from the story.