Ping Pong Play Movie Trailer

I never planned on seeing Ping Pong Playa, but it became one of those films that I heard people talking about in between sleeping, screening and eating last year at the Toronto Film Festival. I caught a screening near the end of the festival, purely because there was nothing else playing at the time that interested me. In my review I described Jessica Yu's low budget indie sports comedy as "Karate Kid meets Bad News Bears but with Ping Pong". The film tells the story of Christopher "C-dub" Wang (Jimmy Tsai), a young man full of excuses and failed basketball dreams, who must step up and teach ping pong while he gets up the nerve to compete for the coveted Golden C**k in the California ping pong championships after his brother and mother are injured in a car accident. In my Toronto review I called the film "a chuckle-fest with a unique sense of humor not found in Hollywood films." The trailer below is not the best example of this, but I'm hoping it might get get a few of you interested to seek this out (or at least add the film to your upcoming Netflix que)

Ping Pong Playa hits theaters on September 5th 2008.