New Gotham Tonight: An Interview With Harvey Dent

I know that some people are turned off by The Dark Knight viral stuff, and I can understand why some would have this viewpoint as running around in an online and real world scavenger hunt for a new video clip might not be everyone's idea of a good time. But having seen the film, let me tell you that some of the viral web stuff will expand your experience of the movie, and fill in some of the gaps not explored on the big screen.

The latest edition of Gotham Tonight features an interview with Harvey Dent. Both Dent, played by Aaron Eckhard and news reporter Mike Engel, played by Anthony Michael Hall, appear in the film. This isn't just superfluous marketing, but a supplement to that actual movie. I highly recommend watching all the Gotham Tonight episodes (which are freely available on before seeing the film. And while most of these television episodes serve as a prequel to the film, the Det interview actually interconnects with the bank robbery which happens at the beginning of the film (and was seen on the IMAX cut of I Am LEgend). You can watch the new episode with the Dent interview embedded below from YouTube or on in higher resolution on GCN.