First Look: James Cameron's AVATAR Aliens Look Like....Thundercats?

Cheetara is pissed! The image on the upper left is from a staff T-shirt given to an AVATAR crew member by actor Sam Worthington. This is apparently the first look at the alien race called Na'vi in James Cameron's 2009 3D Movie (that Will Eat the World). In the film, Na'vi live on a planet called Pandora and they're described as a "humanoid race with its own rich language and culture." Marketsaw scored the image. Let's do some bullet points...

  • The Na'vi specimen has six camel toes.
  • It has a cat-like tail, unless that's some type of organ.
  • It apparently has two little horns or two little ears. Somebody's going to make the first AVATAR LOLcat in the comments. Oh god.
  • Supermodelish figure and hair recall Cheetara from Thundercats
  • It is carrying a bow-and-arrow.
  • Shoulder pads. It's the future.
  • 5th grader fantasy alert.
  • In the film a paraplegic Earthling/ex-marine teams with the Na'vi to defend their planet from other Earthlings who want to exploit its natural resources. Now, the logline is already pretty bizarre if you ask me, so I'm not going to flip on the image. However, I'm not a fan of tribal tattoos and the accompanying T-shirt graphic below really frightens me. Is that the logo of the most revolutionary movie since Citizen Kane or the logo for a nu-metal band that your first roommate in college is obsessed with?

    Discuss: What do you think of the first Na'vi image from AVATAR? Should we keep typing AVATAR in all-caps to emphasize its intergalactic domination over all movies ever?