Christian Bale Rules Out Robin For Batman 3 (And Beyond)

Several weeks ago, rumors circled offline once again that Robin would appear in the sequel to The Dark Knight. It reminded me of the "rumor waves" last year when everyone in the industry suddenly discovered The Long Halloween storyline and held it up as the script to Christopher Nolan's second Batman sequel. According to StarPulse, Christian Bale not only considers Robin lame, he has threatened to remake The Machinist as a documentary if the character crosses his path...

"If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I'll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work."

Some fans will be blinded by a premature warm happiness after reading, "one of the new Batman films," but Nolan has insisted this a trilogy. No matter, we are of the agreement that not only should Robin be dismissed, the word "robin" in general should be banned from this franchise. It's not dark enough, nor does it embolden comparisons to The Godfather 2, Heat, and an "extraordinary cinematic revolution" spelled out by 400,000 lit firecrackers. Actually, that last one is worthy of Robin. We josh.

Discuss: /Film welcomes the International Robin Fanclub's "boycott TDK" campaign. Insomnia aside, should there by a similar franchise ban on Robin Williams? We're not endorsing it.

via Vulture