LOL: Mexico's Top Rambo Impersonator

Any would-be Sam Walton knows that Rambo remains America's chief export. He is the vein-y cornerstone staying strong against today's crashing waves of economic turmoil and disaster. VICE just released their Mexico Issue and contained therein are countless photos of Mexico City's beloved Rambo impersonator, Diego Alione. So successful was this Argentine at posing with babies, women in hot denim (with a leg up) and stunned kids (see the face above) that he made the jump to Universal Studios. Fame! If Stallone ever hangs up the bazooka and the head band, let's hope that Holly/Bollywood puts up the funds for a Rambo 5 starring Alione. For the sake of our grandchildren's pain at the pump.

UPDATE: Slashfilm reader, dvq, points out that our grandchildren are already safe from uncertain doom. Grab some chips and salsa and enjoy the Rambo impersonator's music video/tour of Hollywood.

One more photo after the jump with an evil-looking dog, another hottie, and a close-up of the firearm in all its glory.