Kevin Smith Remembers George Carlin

In our obituary post last night, I mentioned how my favorite big screen performance of Carlin's was in Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl. Smith was a filmmaker who used Carlin in his films when available. Watching his few appearances, I'm shocked that his career in film never blew up. Smith takes a look back at the great comedy legend in a guest column for Newsweek:

"In 2001, George did me a solid when he accepted the part of the orally fixated hitchhiker who knew exactly how to get a ride in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." When he wrapped his scene in that flick, I thanked him for making the time, and he said, "Just do me a favor: Write me my dream role one day." When I inquired what that'd be, he offered, "I wanna play a priest who strangles children." It was a classic Carlin thing to say: a little naughty and a lot honest. I always figured there'd be time to give George what he asked for. Unfortunately, he left too soon. He was, and will likely remain, the smartest person I've ever met. But really, he was much more than just a person. Without a hint of hyperbole, I can say he was a god, a god who cussed."

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