Greg Mottola And Bill Hader Working On Vigilante Parody

Greg Mottola's Adventureland is scheduled to hit theaters later this Summer, but everyone is wondering what the SuperBad director might be doing next. Mottola revealed at a Tribeca Film Festival sponsored Apple Store event that he's writing a script with Bill Hader (who played a cop in SuperBad and is the owner of the amusement park in Adventureland).

"We're writing a comedy about a doorman who, while watching all the comings and goings in his building, figures out that one of his tenants is the victim of a scam. And no one believes him, and no one cares," Mottola explained. "So it's basically a parody of vigilante movies. He's going to right a wrong. He's a man against the system, a lone wolf trying to fight crime. And we are writing it kind of as a parody of movies like Get Carter or Point Blank, with a little bit of Bourne Identity... in there. The big question right now is whether of not Bill will have a mustache. That's what we spend most of our days trying to figure out."