First Look: Thomas Jane As Jonah Hex?

FilmSchoolRejects has gotten their hands on a concept photo of Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex in Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's announced adaptation of the DC comic book. And while both this photo and Jane's casting have not been officially (or even unofficially) confirmed, it seemed too juicy not to pass along. I wasn't a big fan of Jane's Punisher (or any of the big screen Punishers for that matter — so it's likely not his fault) but I think this role could really suit him.

Created by writer John Albano and artist Tony DeZuniga, Jonah Hex is a former Confederate officer turned gun-slinging bounty hunter anti-hero whose face was horrifically scarred on his right side. The comic book, which was introduced in the 1970's, and Neveldine/Taylor have said that they don't plan on "making a straight-ahead Western but plan to develop the character with some of the supernatural overtones in the hopes of creating a franchise."

Discuss: What do you think? Would Thomas Jane make a good Jonah Hex?