Transformers 2: Weapon Modes Confirmed, Arcee Details, Possible Trailer Dates And More

It has been a few days since our last Transformers 2 update, so lets get to it.

A description of a Transformers 2 video game leaked onto the web yesterday:

Transformers 2 video game plot

The key line is "A new transformation system gives you more detailed control as you can switch between Robot, Weapon, and Vehicle modes" Recently screenwriter Roberto Orci revealed that there will be Transformers that transform into weapons in the sequel. But could this mean that all of the Autobots and Decepticons will have a third weapon mode in the new film?

Custom Motorcycle

The photo above gives you an idea of what Arcee might look like in alt mode. Will Kenefick tells the Ventura County Star the he created six custom motorcycles (three hero bikes and three stunt bikes) for Transformers. This pretty much confirms that three motorcycles will combine to form Arcee. According to Kenefick, 2309 hours were put in and each bike cost over $40,000, with $10,000 spent on paint alone. I've herd the actual bikes feature the pink and black paintjob seen in the unused concept art from the original Transformers below.

IESB explains what exactly happened in the Jonah Hill situation. Apparently Jonah was offered the part, but walked out of Michael Bay's office after reading 20-pages of the script. Apparently the character he was to play was Shia's chubby sidekick named "Jonah".

Transformers Teaser Trailer

And many people are wondering when we might possibly see the first teaser trailer. The mars rover teaser spot was released on June 29th, almost a year to the day of the release of the first film. Transformers 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 26th 2009, could that mean a new teaser trailer will hit by months end? Screenwriter Roberto Orci responded on Don Murphy's message boards saying "Probably in fall — maybe late summer..." Eagle Eye, also starring Shia and produced by Speilberg, is the next big Dreamwork/Paramount release that fits in the same genre. If I had to guess, I would say the studio is shooting to release a trailer attached to Eagle Eye. But who knows.... I also can't see Bay and company going to Comic Con in July empty handed.

The photo below above is our first look at Ramon Rodriguez who plays Leo in the sequel. He was spotted filming a scene at the Richmond Power Plant on Saturday with Megan Fox and Bumblebee. Is MEgan Fox on Ramon's lap? Could this be confirmation that Sam (Shia) and Mikaela (Fox) are no longer an item in the second film? It would further explain the frat party scenes that Shia filmed opposite Isabel Lucas. Or maybe Leo is Mikaela's brother?

And meanwhile, a scale model of an F-22 Raptor (Starscream) was spotted being unloaded from a trailer.

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