Platinum Dunes Explains Rosemary's Baby Remake. Fails. Makes Us Laugh.

"Listen, we're going to have this remake, okay? And it's going to be great, babe."

With their stint at Crystal Lake going swimmingly, Platinum Dunes slithered out of the devil's bedroom to talk about their upcoming remake of Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby a.k.a Why Not? Michael Bay Made Transformers. Producer Brad Fuller more or less explained my alternative title for their remake to STYD...

"If we don't do Rosemary's Baby someone else is," says Fuller. "They're not going to pass on that. ...All the shit we get for doing these things, it really just comes from being huge fans and wanting to take a shot."

Fuller's is the greatest justification, not just for remaking classic films, but for everything in life. What Fuller is trying to say is, "we just want to do hood rat things for our friends." And I'm curious to know who the "they're" he's referring to is. Hahah. Did he get a phone call from a smoking man who said, "A Rosemary's Baby remake has been discussed by another studio, and the actresses mentioned for Rosemary simply aren't hot enough. And it might be PG-13."?

"Platinum Dunes, saving moviegoers from unknown disappointment since 2008." – thankful moviegoer

Not really sure I follow what this next quote is trying to convey...

"You would say Rosemary's Baby supernatural story, so one of our takes is supernatural, the other is not supernatural. It takes that story and roots it in reality and that's going to be a decision that we're going to have to make soon as we wrap Friday the 13th ...and start sitting down with Paramount as to what kind of story do they want us to tell for them and what's the smartest way to tell that story."

Does this mean that the original film's spawn of Satan storyline and the coven would be excluded? I don't know, but it's pretty funny. Platinum Dunes is not really based in reality in my opinion, but that's not a bad thing.