Showtime For Steven Spielberg/Diablo Cody's The United States Of Tara

The Steven Spielberg-produced, Diablo Cody-written pilot The United States of Tara has just been picked up by Showtime. Toni Collette is set as Tara Gregor, a wife and mother of two teens, who just happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. Basically the family must find a way to deal and live with her multiple personalities. And did I mention that the show is based on an original idea by Spielberg?

I might have read the script. And if I did, I'd tell you how it's peppered with Cody's pop-culture obsessed snap-filled dialog, minus the intense slang of Juno. And it's not light either. In the opening it is revealed that Tara has just found morning after pills in her 16-year-old daughter's Kate's bag. It's later revealed that (potential spoiler) one of Tara's alter egos, a burnout teenage stoner named T, was the one who supplied her with said pills. If Collette can actually pull off each of the personalities, and actually make it believable, this could be Showtime's next Dexter.

The pilot is directed by Craig Gilespie, and also stars John Corbett as Tara's husband Max. The half hour single camera comedy series will begin shooting this Summer. Showtime has ordered 13 episodes.