Robert Rodriguez And Rose McGowan To Make TV Show Women In Chains!.

We bring you this post live from the vacant, fully constructed sets of Robert Rodriguez's Barbarella remake. It's really damp and dark in here. Is that a thong? Anyhow, genre movie auteur Rodiguez and his fiancee, Rose McGowan, are pitching a new hands-on television series entitled Women in Chains! to various networks, among them NBC (?) and FX according to the Hollywood Reporter. As previously dished and heavily punctuated by AICN, the planned series is an ode to female prison exploitation fare (re: grindhousey) featuring "sadistic guards, cafeteria hosedowns, mud wrestling and violent vendettas." Settle down everyone Joe Bob Briggs.

McGowan, the future Barbarella and leg-gunning Planet Terror muse, will reportedly star as one of the five heavily restrained female leads, and Rodriguez is expected to direct. The show is co-created and scribed by writer/actor Josh Miller (actor, Near Dark) and Mark Fortin. HBO would seem a fitting destination, yes, but it's out of the question, as their redo of the British female prison show Bad Girls is currently moving forward. Showtime and AMC also seem like fine candidates. NBC, not so much (at all).

I'm thinking uber-crude, cleverly concealed weapons the size of grapefruits and Burt Reynolds as a warden highly susceptible to bribes, moonshine and cocaine. What about you? More on Women in Chains! as it develops. And by the way, didn't Black Snake Moan already drop such throwback imagery into the pop culture sphere only to receive a not-shocking-big-whatever welcome?

Discuss: Women in Chains! The new Sex and the City? Or the next (pop an Ambien) Swingtown?