Slashfilm Muxtape: The Bigger, Badder Sequel

It's that special time everyone: the return of the Slashfilm Muxtape! I've compiled another well-tested selection of anthems from (or inspired by) choice movies. This time the summer soundtrack theme is: coming in from the pool/beach with wet trunks, quickly checking your email (no Blackberries), enjoying a beer in the shower and watching half a Shane Black flick on the late night. Cheers to the many readers who friended us last go around, we appreciate it. As always, if you want more summer tunes, you can check out my personal Muxtape, "Stay Out of the Lake F*cks," here.


Discuss: Like it or hate it? Any requests for the third mux? It's going to be bloated and have at least three villains (mall rappers) and four love interests (winehouse). 

For the sake of archiving/downloading, we've included the current tracklisting and the tracklisting from our first Muxtape after the jump...

Slashfilm Muxtape #2 (May 2008)Wreckless Eric – "Whole Wide World" – Stranger Than FictionSweet – "Fox on the Run" – Foxes, Dazed and Confused, Detroit Rock City, HipstersFunkadelic – "Super Stupid" – Lords of Dogtown, The Magic FHans Zimmer – "You're So Cool" – True Romance/Badlands homageThe RZA – "Samurai Showdown" – Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuraiDavid Bowie & Trevor Jones – "Magic Dance" – LabyrinthDaniel Johnston – "Casper, the Friendly Ghost" – KIDSThe Moog Cookbook – "Born to Be Wild" – Easy Rider, Coming Home, One Crazy SummerEcho & the Bunnymen – "People are Strange (Doors Cover)" – The Lost BoysThe Harptones – "Life is But a Dream" – Goodfellas"Anne Frank vs Helen Keller"Clerks 2Shadow Men on a Shadowy Planet – "Having an Average Weekend" – Slashfilm Staff Deleting Dumb Comments/Spam in the Summer

Slashfilm Muxtape #1 (April 2008)

Hollertronix – "Ferris Bueller Theme Remix"

Kenny Loggins – "I'm Alright" (Caddyshack)Real Life – "Send Me An Angel"(The Wizard/RAD)Huey Lewis & The News – "Back In Time" (Back to the Future)Peter Sarstedt – "Where Do You Go To My Lovely" (The Darjeeling Limited)Leonard Cohen – "Stranger Song" (McCabe and Mrs. Miller)Wendy Carlos – "Title Music" (A Clockwork Orange)Jonny Greenwood – "Future Markets" (There Will Be Blood)M.I.A. – "Paper Planes Blaqstarr Remix" (Pineapple Express)Black Flag – "TV Party" (Repo Man)Pixies – "Where Is My Mind?" (Fight Club)Patton Oswalt – "At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel" (Duh)