Wanted Featurette Will Actually Make You Excited To See The Movie

Empire has posted a very cool featurette for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Mark Millar's Wanted. The behind-the-scenes look might actually make you excited to the the film. Intercuting panels from the comic book with sequences from the film, the cast and crew from the film explain why this movie might actually be worth looking forward to.

Some of the visuals are nothing less than insane. Like the sequence when the camera follows a bullet through a glass window reminded me of The Wachowski Brothers. Or the sequence in the office when James McAvoy attacks someone with a keyboard. Or how about when the guy kills a fly with a bullet from his gun. If anything, this movie will have some fantastically insane original action sequences. Before I saw this new featurette I had very little interest at all in seeing this movie, but all of a sudden can't wait to see Wanted. What do you guys think?

Wanted hits theaters on June 27th 2008.