Tropic Thunder Red Band Movie Trailer

A farm hand so retarded he'd make Sean Penn blush with envy. A blatant diss at Eddie Murphy (who really needs Inglorious Bastards). Another generous helping of Robert Downey Jr. as an angry black man. Nick Nolte bustin' capillaries like squibs (on the job). And, well, a requisite death-to-throwaway-foreign-kid, but Rambo already pwned that jingo real estate months ago. There is a lot of laughter and bloodshed to soak up in this new red band trailer for the Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder, so call up the neighborhood kids, pass around those mysterious wine coolers inhabiting the fridge and sit back for explosions and expletives set to Edwin Starr's propulsive summer anthem "War." Oh, but no Tom Cruise, that's still a surprise.

[flv: 470 196]

Tropic Thunder opens on August 15th 2008.Discuss: Did you laugh or sigh at the new trailer?