New Terminators Look Retro In Terminator 4

Character designer Miles Teves explained how the new Terminator 4 will go back to the future in the design of the new Terminators.

 "I did all kinds of work on the new sort of Terminator... uh, I can't describe without being in breach of contract... But there is a new endo-skelleton-type super Terminator that in a way is actually cruder than any of the ones from any of the other films," explains Teves on the Fanboy Confidential podcast. "This one sort of takes place before all the other films in a weird way. So everything in the film is actually supposed to be cruder technology than we see even in the first Terminator."

Teves, who worked on Legend and Robocop, complains that filmmakers, like JJ Abrams' Star Trek or Lucas with the Star Wars prequels, have a tendency like  going more futuristic with the technology (Enterprise) when they should be going more retro. But Miles promises this will be different.

"It's very different. It will probably be the most different film of the [series]," says Teves. "...the first three films are essentially these hard driving chase films where you have this unstoppable force pursuing the hero. This is dramatically different in its structure and characters. It's sort of the John Conner story, but strangely enough John Conner was not the main character. There is another guy who is the main protagonist of the film."

This basically confirms rumors that Marcus (played in the film by Sam Worthington) will actually be the lead in the film, while John Connor (Christian Bale) is actually more of a supporting character.

"It completely takes place in the machine world in the post apocalyptic aftermath," says Teves. "There will be lots of hardware and cool toys to be sold. And hopefully they will not water them down and they'll be as cool as the designs. And there was cool designs. A lot of tanks, a lot of vehicles, a lot of weird machines."