ThunderCats Movie Model?

UPDATE: A number of readers have pointed out that the above model is 1) FAKE, 2) LAME, 3) "Probably left over from Small Soldiers" and 4) Not worth talking about

Like a good number of 20somethings, a ThunderCats movie makes me want to run far far away and hide from the Langolier that is booming '80s nostalgia. Furthering my phobia, Snarfs were probably a distant ancestor of LOLCats. Above is an alleged head model rendering of one the film's combative furballs (probably Panthro) from Warner Bros' 2010 all-CG adaptation of the cult cartoon series/ironic mall T-shirts. No lie: it looks like a surfing steakhead vampire from Lost Boys: The Tribe.

The film will mark the directorial debut of Jerry O'Flaherty, a video game art director on Gears of War (he also got a shout out on Daikatana, nice) from a script by Paul Sopocy (Bijou Phillips's upcoming It's Alive). Some sites are linking to an old Vanity Fair piece that lists Hugh Jackman and Jessica Simpson in the cast, but that article's a total hoax.

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