Transformers 2 In 3D?

Are Michael Bay and 3D the new PB&J? A promotional PDF released by Dolby for this year's ShoWest lists Transformers 2 under 2009's 3D features alongside well known 3D flicks like AVATAR and Tintin. Bay hasn't updated his blog to confirm or deny the announcement. Given the fact that the man eats Epic brand cereal morning, noon and night, and has the sizable task of topping his prior $319 million grossing robot deathmatch, who else thinks it's a no-brainer?

The sequel starts principle photography on June 2nd in Pennsylvania, but obviously the looming SAG strike, which Bay recently ripped, could temporarily forfeit the mass destruction. Not sure if the ladies were ready for Jonah Hill in 3D, so maybe that bit of ixnayed casting was divine intervention. More on T2 going 3D if and when it surfaces...

Discuss: Alright, who has something negative to say about this development? Surprise us.

via Comics2Film