Twilight Movie Poster, Sequel(s) Talk


It would be kind of excellent if the theme song to Twilight was a reworking of Madonna's "Lucky Star." Oh, hi Twilighters. MTV, obviously, has the exclusive teaser poster for their probable blockbuster adaptation of author/future mogul Stephenie Myer's teen-lit vampire romance. Click to pop.

Moreover, the poster was designed by 18-year-old rock photographer Joey Lawrence, who went on to tell Music Television that he'll be "doing all the [Twilight] movies." If you're wondering, there are currently three books, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, with a fourth, Breaking Dawn, due in August (thanks Ali). And with my post complete, I take hold of an awestruck neighborhood girl's hand and fly off into the cloudy daylight.

Discuss: What do you think of the poster? Is Twilight to the '00s what The Lost Boys was to the '80s? Or is it merely The Covenant meets the NKOTB craze of yesteryear?