VOTD: The Simpsons - Any Given Sundance

Any Given Sundance created by The Simpsons

Sundance Simpsons

The Pitch: On this week's episode of The Simpsons, Lisa makes a documentary about her family for a school project and is encouraged to enter the film into the Sundance Film Festival. The entire episode is presented for free with limited commercials on Hulu. The episode offers funny look at Sundance, and features some great insider indie film cameos like Festival programer Geoff Gilmore throwing film reels into the fire, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, John C Reilly and Comic Book Guy, who submits a review to Ain't I Fat News. It takes some stabs at the VIP tents, documentary filmmaking and the short attention span buzz of the festival-goers.Video of the Day is a daily feature of /Film showcasing geekarific video creations. Have a video we should be feature on VOTD? E-Mail us at orfilms@gmail.com.

via: Matt Dentler