Terminator 4 To Be PG-13

Last summer one of the big stories was the trend of PG-13 over R-Rated action movies. Live Free or Die Hard opted for teenage friendly over intense action and graphic language, and the film went on to gross over $380 million worldwide, the highest for the series. And in 2008, things have not changed. Cloverfield opened huge proving a PG-13 monster movie could make big bucks. Even Eli Roth is now talking about making a PG-13 mass-destruction film. But now word comes in from Anne Thompson that the Halcyon Company are aiming for a PG-13 rating for Terminator 4.

The Terminator series is one of the highest-grossing R-Rated franchises of all time, with over $1.03 billion in worldwide box office receipts. I've been one of the few supporters of the film since it was first announced, while most have been scared off by the announcement of McG as director. And I feel like I should be angry about this announcement, but for some reason I'm not. And I think the reason why is that I feel that Terminator won't suffer from a PG-13 rating. None of the things that made T2: Judgement Day a great film would have been effected by a ratings bump from R to PG-13. Let's face it, this isn't Rambo – large quantities of gore aren't required. And Terminators aren't programed to be foul mouthed.

Besides, Halcyon co-founder and co-CEO Victor Kubicek claims that the ratings have changed over the years and that "PG-13 has increased in intensity." and it allows them to sell more toys, of course. The fourth film will offer the largest merchandising program to date for The Terminator series.

Terminator 4 begins production today, and is scheduled to hit theaters on on May 22nd 2009.Discuss: Can a Terminator movie still be fun with a PG-13 rating?

source: Variety