JJ Abrams' Star Trek Will Be A Movie For Movie Fans, Not Star Trek Fans

JJ Abrams recently spoke with the Associated Press about his upcoming Star Trek, and talked about the direction of the upcoming prequel/reboot.

"The whole point was to try to make this movie for fans of movies, not fans of `Star Trek,' necessarily,'" Abrams said.

Not that hardcore Trek fans are being totally ignored. Abrams assures fans that "one of the writers who's a devout Trekker" and that they were able to make sure they "were serving the people who are completely enamored with Star Trek".

"But we are not making the movie for that contingent alone," said Abrams. "It was an opportunity to take what I think has been a maligned world – to sound crass, a franchise – and treat it in a way that made it something that I wanted to see. To take the characters, the thoughtfulness, the personalities, the sense of adventure, the idea of humanity working together, the sense of social commentary and innovation, all that stuff. To take it and apply it in a way that felt genuinely thrilling."

Everyone I've talked to about the project has hammered on this exact point. If there is one thing you'll be able to take away from this film, it will be that Trek will have become more accessible to the mainstream public. And with the dwindling box office numbers of recent Trek releases (Nemesis), this is obviously the future of the franchise. And Abrams promises a Star Trek movie like we've never seen before.

"I feel like this is so unlike what you expect, so unlike the `Star Trek' you've seen. At the same time, it's being true to what's come before, honoring it," Abrams said. "I can say the effects for `Star Trek' have never, ever been done like this. ... I can only tell you the idea of the universe of `Star Trek' has never been given this kind of treatment."

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