Uma Thurman Talks Stanley Kubrick's Wartime Lies, Role Of Her Career

When I think of actresses lucky enough to have a perfect part, one tailored and empowered with the entire spectrum of human emotion and not simply the giddy sex appeal that plagues Hollywood films, I think of Uma Thurman and Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride in Kill Bill. She should have received an Oscar nom for either volume, and won. While the following quote is in no way a slight at Tarantino, it was surprising to hear her say the following to MTV in regards to a role in Stanley Kubrick's Wartime Lies, neither of which happened, obviously...

"It was devastating because it was an incredible part," she confessed. "It would have been the part of my career, the best part I ever had been offered or had written for me, or anything."

In no way am I comparing Tarantino to Kubrick right now, but it seriously caught me off guard, especially the "writing" part. Kubrick's Wartime Lies, based on Louis Begley's acclaimed novel, would have had Thurman play a Jewish woman who cares for her orphaned nephew as they face Nazi atrocities in Poland during the Holocaust and resort to taking the disguise of Catholics. More Uma...

"I was going to make a film with him – for a long time I was scheduled to make a film with him," she said of "Wartime Lies," a movie she was signed on to make with Kubrick in the early 90s. "I was contracted to do it and things happened and he shelved the film. He never made the film."

An adaptation is currently being worked on by The Departed's ever-busy William Monahan, but Thurman didn't discuss whether she's still being sought for the part. Let's hope, because she belongs in higher-brow fare than My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

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